Raised in a musical household, Arthur Seifert, better known as “Skeeter”, had access to all kinds of instruments.  Both of his parents are musicians and owned their own recording studio. With a wide variety of instruments at his fingertips, it was easy for him to pick up a guitar or sit behind the drums and go for it.  At an early age he decided to take music more seriously and focus his training on drums.  A few years later Skeeter picked up the guitar, and has since continued to add to his musical pallet, one instrument at a time.

Realizing this kind of musical access was rare, he started to see that the benefits reached far beyond musical ability.  “There is a ton of bad crap in this world; substance abuse, crime and violence, are unfortunately common in our society. I really feel like self-confidence and being grounded in positivity is a huge part of staying away from all that “, says Seifert. “Music demands patience, practice, discipline and commitment, those things build confidence, positivity, and character. That’s the good stuff, and that’s what helped me stay away from that negativity. Plus, music is a whole lot of fun!”

After years of running out to the studio to find that one thing he wanted to give to a friend’s son or daughter, just because they expressed some inkling of interest in an instrument, he realized he had found a way to give the gift of music to others. The look of gratitude, both on their face and their parents, was payment enough.  Little did he know this was just the beginning of a much bigger mission.

Arthur "Skeeter" Seifert