Raised in a musical household, Arthur Seifert, better known as “Skeeter”, had access to all kinds of instruments.  Both of his parents are musicians and owned their own recording studio. With a wide variety of instruments at his fingertips, it was easy for him to pick up a guitar or sit behind the drums and go for it.  At an early age he decided to take music more seriously and focus his training on drums.  A few years later Skeeter picked up the guitar, and has since continued to add to his musical pallet, one instrument at a time.


At the age of 14, Zach Greer was gifted an old, beat up Harmony guitar by a good friend.  The pick-ups were held in by duct tape and it needed a lot of love, but it was just the thing he needed to start the learning process.  Zach went on to play in a number of bands throughout the South Jersey area and continues to write music over 25 years later. No one knew it at the time, but that old beat up guitar had paved the way for a life long love of playing music that would serve to create a support system in Zach’s life for years to come.

About our founders...


Skeeter and Zach met while playing music at a local church and quickly learned they shared a lot of the same passions.  They understood first-hand the positive and rewarding power that playing music had in their lives and while they have been able to share it with some, they were excited about the possibility of reaching more of our youth.  Skeeter and Zach wanted to see every kid in South Jersey that had an interest in playing music got the chance to live that dream, regardless of their ability to pay

Combining their visions, Mission Music was founded to provide free musical instruments and lessons to our area youth while serving to help them gain the confidence needed to make good life choices.  As a non-profit organization, we are funded by charitable donations, fund-raising events, and various community partnerships.   It’s through the generosity of our supporters that Mission Music is able to serve our communities.  Thank you to all that continue to encourage Mission Music. We look forward to sharing our success with everyone!