John Bauman, Music Teacher

"The work that Mission Music is doing is fantastic! The people there are musicians and music lovers who truly want to spread the joy of music. They have helped families in my district by providing instruments to students who otherwise wouldn't have had access to them. To see the look on a kid's face when they are presented with their own instrument is priceless, but to know that they are now on the path to discovering the power of music for themselves makes it even better. This would not have been possible without the help of Mission Music. Keep up the great work!"

Brian "Fishman" Fish, Radio Personality; Toxic Radio Network

"This is such a great cause,I mean, so many people want to get into something and play an instrument and just don't have the means Nikki Sixx, the bass player of Motley Crue, stole his first guitar from a guitar store. you don't want to go out and steal. OK kids? That's what Mission Music is for."


Elaina R.

"I was blessed to have gotten a guitar from Mission Music and have been able to play without any cost to my mom.

Mission Music Feedback & Testimonials

Jackie Snyder, Mother

"Mission Music was such a blessing to our family. We have six children and purchasing an instrument wasn't in the budget, and my son has been asking for a lessons. Well, if you could have seen there faces the day a huge box showed up from Mission Music with a guitar inside! Thank you Mission Music for providing a guitar for my kids! And thank you for the work you are doing!"

Dan Panetta, Father

"Thank you Thank you so very much for the drum set! Eric absolutely loves it! I hooked him up with some YouTube live video, and he plays the drums along with rock band on the computer and TV."