Mission Music works with school systems and community organizations to identify children that have expressed a strong eagerness to learn a musical instrument but lack the resources to nurture that desire.  Through charitable donations and fundraising efforts, our programs aim to provide children with free musical instruments and guide them toward a lesson program that best suits their individual needs.

We partner up with a wide variety of music schools and private instructors to provide discounted lessons and scholarships to our youth. We are typically able to provide the first 4  lessons at no cost to the student and in some cases a year long scholarship.

Our Mentoring Program, still in development, provides children with free music training in a safe and creative atmosphere through regularly scheduled lessons.  Made up primarily of volunteers, our Music Mentors are thoroughly screened and have a passion for fostering growth in our young people.  Our Music Mentors empower our youth to hone in their musical talents and are committed to being a positive influence in their lives.  We are always looking for new mentors so email us today if you, or someone you know, may be interested!

  • Work with schools to determine program needs.
  • Work with community and religious organizations to identify youth in need of our services.
  • Host events that give back to the community while bringing awareness to our mission.

Skeeter Seifert and Zach Greer met while playing music at a local church and quickly learned they shared a lot of the same passions.  They understood first-hand the positive and rewarding power that playing music had in their lives and while they have been able to share it with some, they were excited about the possibility of reaching more of our youth.  Their mission was to see that every child that had an interest in playing music got the chance to live that dream, regardless of their ability to pay.

Combining their visions, Mission Music was founded to provide free musical instruments and lessons to our area youth while serving to help them gain the confidence needed to make good life choices.  Today, we have expanded our efforts to serve not only under-served youth, but many others that can benefit greatly from playing music  without the financial means.  We are proud provide instruments to those in addiction recovery, veterans, seniors, and more.  As a non-profit organization, we are funded by charitable donations, fund-raising events, and various community partnerships.   It’s through the generosity of our supporters that Mission Music is able to serve our communities.  Thank you to all that continue to encourage Mission Music. We look forward to sharing our success with everyone!

  • Provide free musical instruments
  • Provide discounted or free lessons
  • Encourage creativity and learning through music.

Our DREAM! The Mission Theater

What We Do!

What we do

One of our dreams is to one day open a theater that will serve as not only a safe/recreational center for youth, but a performing arts venue as well.  This would provide a healthy environment for kids to gather after-school and on weekends while encouraging musical and other performing arts engagement.   This would be our next level of growth but for now, we hope you'll join the mission with any size donation as continue to break down financial barriers to music education!

Mission Music would not be possible if it was not for the dedication and support of our amazing Board members!  All of the people listed here have contributed their time, talents, and passion for our cause to ensure that Mission Music continues to reach those most in need of our services. 

for our youth


Mission Music is a nonprofit corporation that provides under-served youth and others with access to musical instruments regardless of their ability to pay.  Mission Music’s goal is to create easy access to musical instruments and training for any youth that express a desire and willingness to learn.

Our STory!

  • Donate a new or used instrument.
  • Make a cash donation.
  • Host a fundraiser.
  • Spread the word.

for our community

Our Team!

  • Zach Greer - President; Founder
  • Bert Bigler - Vice President
  • Kathleen Teall - Treasurer
  • Amanda Halliwell - Board Member
  • Doreen Greer - Board Member

  • Chris Natalini - Board Member
  • Rich Olsen - Board Member
  • Jasmine Bigler - Board Member
  • Angie Clark - Board Member
  • Are you with us?!

How we do it!

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